Why One-on-One Leadership Coaching at Georgia Tech?

Start_With_WhyLeading Edge – One-on-One Leadership Coaching is unlike any other leadership regimen in the books, online, or in a seminar. By asking powerful questions and providing honest feedback, Georgia Tech’s Leadership Fellows (Trained GT graduate students, faculty and staff) take their undergraduate coachees on a courageous adventure of self-exploration that encourages students to reach moments of uncertainty when they are more open to learning. As a result, students experience changes in perceptions, self-image and behavior helping them to reach their full leadership potential. Being able to work one-on-one with a trained leadership coach to design experiments based off of the coachees desires is unique, eye opening, and highly recommended for anyone looking to grow their leadership skills.

If you are an undergraduate student, take the first step to reach your full leadership potential by applying to Leading Edge – One-on-One Leadership Coaching. Only a few spots remain for 2015 Fall Semester.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Model Release-YESThough the supply of opportunities is abundant at Georgia Tech and the school’s prestige certainly helps to propel a student’s career path, the rigor and workload of the academics and the pressure to be involved can easily overwhelm or discourage a student.  It takes a certain type of willingness and effort to keep ourselves grounded and muster up the energy to continue working towards our goals when we come face to face with these issues.

This month, we want to know how you keep yourself motivated when times get tough. Please leave your thoughts in a comment below.

Self-awareness: how do you see yourself?

Model Release-YESSelf-awareness plays a central role in who we are and is perhaps the most difficult aspect of self to develop.  It involves building a true understanding of one’s own personality, behavior, thoughts, emotions, and motivations, but such a contemplative process can often feel abstract and hard to grasp.  However, one tried-and-true mechanism for developing self-awareness is conflict.  Situations that challenge us to make tough and uncomfortable decisions often require us to practice critical introspection, thus creating greater self-awareness.

This month, we would like to know what you learned about yourself when you were faced with a conflict or crisis.  Did you gain a new awareness of your strengths and/or shortcomings?  Please leave your thoughts in a comment below.

What is leadership to you?


As part of the Georgia Tech LEAD community, you are constantly faced with situations that test your leadership and shape the way in which you lead.  We want to know your personal take on leadership and what leadership means to you.  Please leave your thoughts in a comment below.